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Colour has a profound effect on how we feel in our homes every day. An intentional colour scheme will set the tone, create harmony and fill us with daily joy. In short, when colour is done well, your home will feel fantastic.

But with infinite colours to choose from, and hidden pitfalls along the way, it’s not surprising that creating an interior colour scheme with confidence can feel easier said than done.

Finding you confidence with colour is the course that gives you all the practical knowledge and skills you need to transform your home confidently with colour.
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you'll learn how to/

  • Use colour to create a home that looks great and feels fabulous to live in.

  • Build a colour palette and decor scheme for any room in your house.

  • Trust your own instincts and create colour palettes that you love.

  • Use colour psychology to create an emotional connection within your home.

  • Understand the science of colour to avoid mistakes and get the results you want.

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what’s included?/

The course takes place over three weeks, with new content released every Monday. Your course includes:
  • video lessons/

    15 upbeat video lessons with lots of useful information, practical examples and inspiring designs.

  • weekly tutorials/

    3 live tutorial groups with Phoebe for support, questions and discussion.

  • facebook group/

    Private Facebook group to keep you in touch with Phoebe and other students.

  • interactive worksheets/

    Practical templates and worksheets to help you analyse colours and plan colour schemes.

  • downloadable resources/

    Helpful downloads including supplier lists, reading recommendations and inspiring design accounts to follow.

  • Lifetime access/

    Return to the course any time you are starting a new project and need to refresh your skills.

is this course right for me?/

If you’d like to use colour to make your home a more uplifting place, then absolutely. You don’t need any previous design experience, just a desire to re-connect with your home.

If you can say yes to any of the following statements, you will benefit from this course.
  • I’m about to make over a room and I’m not sure where to start.

  • Some areas of my home leave me feeling drained or irritated.

  • I’ve tried using colour before but I don’t love the end result.

  • I am surrounded by calming neutrals, but my home feels strangely soulless.

  • I’ve collected some wonderful inspiration for using colour, but don’t know how to make it work in my home.


  • Is this course all about using lots of bright colours? That’s not really my style.

    Not at all. You’ll learn about shades and tints and all the subtle variations that can lift a more calming or neutral palette. This course is about finding the colours that work for you.

  • Will I work on an actual project, or is this course just theory?

    On this course you’ll learn theory and practical skills. Rather than working through one project, this course focusses on giving you the tools you need to apply to your own projects (from a quick one-room makeover to a full house remodel) whenever you want to.

  • I’m an interior designer, can I join your course?

    Absolutely. If you are relatively new to the industry, you will get a lot out of this course. However experienced you are, if you lack confidence in using colour or feel like you are in a colour rut, please join us, you’ll be very welcome.

  • Do I have to show up at set times?

    The only scheduled part of the course is our weekly live tutorials. If you can’t join us for these, you will be able to watch them later. Otherwise you work through the content at your own pace. I recommend you try to complete week 1 during week 1, and so on, so that you can keep the momentum going and get the full benefits of the course.